About the Queen

Greetings, little pay pig.

I am Roselinn Divine and I have been expecting you. I knew that you could not resist the pull that you felt when you gazed upon My divine beauty. Obey, honor and submit to your new Digital Queen and I promise you will not be disappointed. It is time to step into My private chambers and begin the real journey down the Road to your Salvation.

Bow and grovel before My feet while I distort your mind and subdue your soul. I know you crave to serve a Goddess that will give you exactly what you deserve while milking you for all you are worth. Rest assured that you do not have to look any further. I am here now, sweet puppet. Simply become a member and the rest of your destiny is already set in stone.

Warning: If you can not afford Me you should continue to watch from a distance, RSS my updates blog to feed your addiction, and start saving up. Although, you will tribute for the privilege of serving Me this does not mean that I am at your beck & call or that you can dictate any of the rules.

Always remember that you are here to please, entertain, and serve Me above all else.