Facts & Questions

your Questions Answered

Q. I am kind of important in my world. What about discretion, my Queen?
A. Discretion is honored by Me, I will not use any information I obtain before/during/after session time without your consent. I do not presume you are into blackmail. Blackmail would require you to fill out additional paperwork and tribute for processing and storage.

Q. How should I behave while I am under Your attention, my Queen?
A. Good communication is the key to your success, do not lie to Me or hide anything from Me. I will find out about whatever it is one way or another. you will also learn to anticipate My desires. you are in training and your personalized program will make life easier for you to server your beloved Queen.

Q. What should I not do, my Queen?
A. Do not try to manipulate Me and I do not offer “discounts”. Do not use foul language when speaking to Me or about Me.

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